Questions & Answers

How do I listen to your podcast?
For now, we’re small enough that you can download or stream from any episode page. If that’s not an option, we highly recommend a podcast app! Then you can take all your podcasts with you and many apps will check automatically and add them as shows drop new episodes. They’re a great option for exercise, driving, or household chores. Here are some suggestions:

The producer uses Downcast and loves it.

If you use RSS, you can paste our feed into your preferred app and be good to go!

I have a thing, can I come on the podcast as a guest to promote it?
You made a thing! Four for you, Glen Coco! But right now guests for the podcast are invite-only.

Will you review the cool X that I made?
We decide our topics and request review copy on our own (we prefer to work with publicists and publishers rather than directly with authors due to Awkwardness). We also tend to have episodes planned out pretty far into the future, which makes us not a great fit for things that need immediate press. Good luck out there, though!

I have a rec for a thing I think you’d like!
You can send it to us any of the contact methods on our about page. There’s no guarantee we’ll watch/like/discuss it, but we do love recs of cool media.

When will you become an official weekly podcast?
*weeps in political activist*

We’d like to form a sponsorship with you!
Right now we’re just trying to find our voice and our place in the community and may look into this later. Thanks for thinking of us!

Indeed you can!

RTS/Fangirl Happy Hour
PO Box 903
Jonesboro, AR 72403

Do you do cover reveals?
We’re an audio medium! They would not be effective.

If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us! We also do Q&A segments now and then, so if you have something you want our opinion on, you can also drop us a note via email and we’ll answer it on one of the shows!