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Fangirl Happy Hour, Episode #94: Pumped Up

How do we feel about dinner parties? What do we think of gendered reading challenges? It’s Question Tuesday!

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Dinner Parties; 00:48

Gendered Reading Challenges; 05:20
Renay’s 2017 reading challenges

Books We Love to Reread; 09:43
Lord of the Ringsby J.R.R. Tolkien
Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson
His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik
Old Man’s War, The Last Colony, & Zoe’s Tale by John Scalzi
One Piece by Eiichirō Oda
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks
Sunshine by Robin McKinley
Spin by Robert Charles Wilson
October Daye series by Seanan McGuire

❤️ Ana & Renay

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Art by justira. Transcripts by Susan. Music by BoxCat Games and Chuki Beats.