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Fangirl Happy Hour, Quick Shots – Diversify Agent Carter

On this Quick Shots episode, Renay and Ana have a special guest, Ira, on the show to discuss the #DiversifyAgentCarter hashtag in light of the recent renewal, and discuss their hopes for the second season.

Discussion References

Agent Carter

Our special guest, Ira, can be found on Twitter @itsjustira and on their Tumblr at Ira’s collection of tweets can be found on their tumblr at this link (warning: image heavy).

#DiversifyAgentCarter was created by Mikki Kendall (@Karnythia)

Mentioned on the podcast:
Coming Out Under Fire: The History of Gay Men and Women in World War Two by Allan Bérubé
Sites of Transgression and Bisexual Themes in Agent Carter
Why History Supports The #DiversifyAgentCarter Campaign
The Massive Thing Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ Needs to Add for Season 2 (Hint: Brown People)
#DiversifyAgentCarter Reminds Us That “Because History” Isn’t a Reason to Whitewash a Show
#DiversifyAgentCarter campaign challenges whitewashed history

Further Reading:
#DiversifyAgentCarter: More Than a Hashtag
Marvel Characters Who Could Help #DiversifyAgentCarter
THE MISSION: Agent Carter, Diversity in Superhero TV, and a Colorful History
#DiversifyAgentAarter: A Tweet Roundup
Some additions to Ira’s original tumblr post: Representation of Jewish women, Native Americans, and Japanese Americans

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