Fangirl Happy Hour, Episode #5 – Over the Top and Surreal

This week on Fangirl Happy Hour, Fangirl Media Vault Edition, Renay and Ana watch and discuss 12 Monkeys, one of Ana’s favorite SF films. Then, we talk about K. Tempest Bradford’s essay inviting people to challenge themselves to read beyond straight white cisgender men for one year, and the response from fandom, which was both fascinating and absurd. Lastly, we read the first nine volumes of One Piece by Eiichiro Oda, Renay’s favorite manga series about pirates and friendship.

Intro – 01:22
Twelve Monkeys – 07:37
Essay by K.T. Bradford – 26:41
One Piece – 42:57
Recommendations – 1:02:03

Media mentioned: Agent Carter, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron – New Trailer, Twelve Monkeys, One Piece

Other references: Post about Agent Carter, ratings, and fandom by copperbadge; Renay on Toilets and Space Princesses, Roger Ebert’s review of Twelve Monkeys, I Challenge You to Stop Reading White, Straight, Cis Male Authors for One Year by K.T. Bradford, Let’s Talk About Comfort Zones, On Points and the Missing of Them; Uncanny Magazine’s Support The Challenge Post, Renay’s One Piece Primer

Recommendations: The Story of Owen and Prairie Fire by EK Johnston, On The Other Side of a Downward Spiral by torakowalski