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Fangirl Happy Hour, Episode #2 – “Tales of Love and Romance”

This week on Fangirl Happy Hour, Ana and Renay dig into Tansy Rayner Roberts’s essay from the first issue of Uncanny Magazine, “Does Sex Make Science Fiction Soft?” and explore our experience with sex and romance in our reading pasts. Then, it’s time to discuss The Hugo Awards: the latest debates and drama among the community, as well and some of our nominees for the award. Lastly, we read The Very Best of Kate Elliott, her first short fiction collection, and discuss what we took away from her first of three 2015 literary offerings.

Discussion References
“Does Sex Make Science Fiction Soft” by Tansy Rayner Roberts; 03:53

“Does Sex Make Science Fiction Soft” by Tansy Rayner Roberts
“A Beautiful Lifetime Event” by astolat
Further reading: Of Hard SF and Messy Emotions by Cora Buhlert

The Hugo Awards; 22:42
Hugo Award Logo

The Hugo Awards
Chaos Horizon
Renay’s Initial Hugo Nominees
Further reading: Hugo Awards Debate 2015: Earlier Every Year by Cora Buhlert

The Very Best of Kate Elliott by Kate Elliott; 44:04
The Very Best of Kate Elliott

The Very Best of Kate Elliott by Kate Elliott

Ana: 12 Monkeys (TV)
Renay: Sia – Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler

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