Episode #78 Transcript: Politics and Morality

Episode Number: 78
Episode Title: Politics and Morality (listen to this episode)
Transcript by: Susan the Great
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Renay: Hello friends, I’m Renay.

Ana: And I’m Ana.

Renay: And you’re listening to Fangirl Happy Hour.

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Renay: Today we have a special announcement and then we’re going to discuss some culture topics: Six Wakes by Mur Lafferty, Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, and Ms Marvel Volume Six. We have two comics this time around so this episode may be shorter than usual.

Ana: Mmmm. I’m dubious about that.

Renay: I just didn’t want people to be disappointed.

Ana: But Black Panther has a lot of meat to it.

Renay: That’s true.

Ana: Okay, well, let’s get started.

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Renay: As everyone knows, we’re very big on self-care around here. We lecture you about it every time we drop a newsletter and then we remind you at the end of each episode. We’re always harping on it anywhere we can slip in a hint. And I say all of that so you’ll go easy on us when I announce that Ana is going on hiatus for April.

Ana: It’s time for my annual pilgrimage to Brazil. Have to go visit the family, guys.

Renay: A whole month with no Ana. I’m so sad.

Ana: Well, there is going to be the Hugo Awards episode.

Renay: Except for the Hugo Award announcements, which I assume you’ll take a tiny tiny break from your break, to come and celebrate with me, because I’m finally starting to get excited about it.

Ana: Always. There will always be time for the Hugo Awards. Especially if we have to rage and cry again this year.

Renay: Well, let’s hope not, let’s hope that some of the fixes that we passed last year will now prevent some of the shenanigans by racist white guys.

Ana: We can only hope.

Renay: I, of course, will still be here. I will have some guests, but prepare your trombones. It does mean that there won’t be Question Tuesday episodes in April. But we’re still planning to release a Vault episode at the end of the month, made possible by our Patrons, so thank you guys very much. We’re going to be watching the 1994 Stargate, i.e. one of baby Renay’s favorite movies. So you can all watch that in preparation.

Ana: How long has it been since you rewatched this movie, Renay?

Renay: A year.

Ana: All right.

Renay: You are so dubious!

Ana: [laughter] I’ve already watched it.

Renay: Yeah, well, I’m gonna rewatch it soon and then we’re gonna talk about it.

Ana: That’s gonna be a great episode.

Renay: So, don’t be too sad, guys! Ana will be back in May for a triumphant return episode.

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Renay: It’s time to travel outside our echo chamber and talk about some culture. Ana, what do you have for us this week?

Ana: For some reason I can’t explain exactly, I have been visiting Facebook a lot lately. And one of the things that I like the most about it is to follow those cooking channels that play videos automatically as you scroll through them. I find it very soothing to just watch hands chopping things and preparing beautiful meals. And I thought I should recommend one of those channels for recipes that I have found to be both visually pleasing and actually delicious because I cooked them. It’s Forkly Food on Facebook. You don’t—you don’t follow those cooking channels?

Renay: I do not follow cooking channels on Facebook, no. I read food blogs, like cooking bloggers.

Ana: It’s just that because when you follow them or like them on Facebook, then sometimes when you’re scrolling through your timeline, there are just like these little videos that appear and it’s just like hands. I just like that so much.

Renay: You like disembodied hands just appearing on your timeline?

Ana: It appears so, yes.

Renay: What kind of cooking channels are they?

Ana: Everything. This Forkly: they have a lot of vegan and vegetarian recipes, but also like meat stuff.

Renay: So there is recipes with bacon.

Ana: Yes.

Renay: I need to have recipes with bacon in them.

Ana: I used to cook everything with bacon before becoming a vegetarian/vegan.

Renay: Wait, you’ve upgraded?!

Ana: I’m trying to.

Renay: Oh my god. You can never visit me. What will I feed you?

Ana: [laughter] Vegetables.

Renay: I will have to go buy my mother a vegan cookbook and be like, “You can only cook out of this book, good luck.”

Ana: Potatoes!

Renay: God, I love bacon. That’s the only thought in my head right now: I love bacon. Well okay, I was browsing around and I found this Buzzfeed article from 2013 about Hocus Pocus star Doug Jones, who played Billy Butcherson, the zombie: Winifred’s old boyfriend. This article introduced me to some facts that I did not know. Billy was supposed to be a quote-unquote “hot zombie”. Uh, success, baby Renay was A+ hot for the zombie and very confused. But it worked out because she was always confused by everything sexuality-wise back in that time period. Apparently he had a dance scene that was cut and I’m gutted because this is great. Somebody find me this footage of Billy Butcherson the zombie breakdancing in Hocus Pocus.

Ana: I cannot believe this.

Renay: I looked and my DVD does not have any extra footage at all.

Ana: Where is it? Someone must have it.

Renay: Somebody’s gonna have that footage. Somebody get ahold of the director. Jones played the Pale Man in Pan’s Labyrinth and was terrifying. And he also played Abe Sapien in Hellboy, which we’re never getting a third movie for, ever. Nobody can see me but I’m making like eight thousand sad faces right now.

Ana: [laughter]

Renay: Then—anyway, this was my nostalgia attack for the week. It was a really great article that I still don’t understand how I found, but what luck! So relevant to my interests! Thank you, Buzzfeed.

Ana: Well, relevant to my interests was International Women’s Day which has come and gone and there was a lot of cool stuff online. There was also some pretty bad stuff, like the Brazilian president saying women are great at economy, but just look at how they can tell supermarket prices when they go shopping. and that was not so great but…

Renay: What a winner.

Ana: Just remember that he staged—he was the Vice President, that staged a coup to get rid of the female president, the first female President of Brazil on the grounds that she was too corrupt. Newsflash: he is more corrupt than her. If we start talking about Brazilian politics we will never—

Renay: [laughter]

Ana: —leave this podcast.

Renay: Well Charles will get his wish, six hour podcast, unedited, for Brazilian politics.

Ana: Oh my god. I dunno where we would even start or end. There would be no end. But one of the cool things that I saw was the Guardian’s list of podcasts by women. They call it Women Challenging The Patriarchy One Podcast At A Time. There was science podcasts, bookish podcasts, politics podcasts. And I haven’t listened to all of them yet, but I thought I should bring this to your attention because that sounds like something that our space bees would like. They did not include Fangirl Happy Hour, and the person responsible for it must have been reprimanded about it, I just know.

Renay: You’ve gotta include us when you make these lists because we’re super cool.

Ana: Yes, of course. So, the Guardian was wrong.

Renay: But I’m sure the rest of them are great.

Ana: Yes, I’m sure they are.

Renay: Okay, my last thing. In one of my newsletter that I get delivered to my inbox because it is the nineties again: it’s called No Complaints by Caroline Crampton, and she linked to this political article about the national anxiety about the health of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. For people outside of America who aren’t sure which fire this is, she is a supreme court justice and she’s eighty-three years old. Given that the GOP stole Obama’s last Supreme Court appointment, we’re all a little stressed about how the health of liberal judges. But Neil Gorsuch, the GOP nominee, he doesn’t even seem like Scalia-lite to me. He seems like a full, “I’m coming to be Scalia’s voice from beyond the grave.” It’s real scary. So if 45 gets to appoint another justice, that means the court will be weighted towards conservatives and that means not great things, like I hope you enjoyed the last two decades of everyone gaining more equality because that’s gonna come to a sudden and abrupt end with a majority conservative court. People who didn’t vote and let this foul-mouthed tangerine into the presidency because it didn’t matter, because they were same nothing matters, politics is corrupt, blah blah blah didn’t vote: congrats, you just fucked up about thirty to forty years of making the Supreme Court less of a shitshow. I get really upset about the Supreme Court. That’s why I and people like are concerned about all the liberal justices over seventy because we’ve got like 200 and something weeks left of GrabbyHands McFakeGate and they need to survive. They need to live.

So this journalist went and found Ginsberg’s personal trainer and went through the whole thing with him, like the whole routine that she does. And he was like, “Okay, that wasn’t easy”. And there’s a video, and he is winded, so you know I’m feeling a little better about Ginsberg now, which I assume was his endgame, so, uh, thanks Ben for that tiny, tiny peace of mind. Ginsberg can do more push-ups than I can.

Ana: [laughter] That’s amazing.

Renay: My only complaint about this article, they quoted a wom